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Firefox Temporäre Dateien Löschen Video

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Under the Port Forwarding tab, set port forwarding to for the computer on which you are using mIRC. Can I run an application from a remote computer over the wireless network?

This will depend on whether or not the application is designed to be used over a network. What is the IEEE It is one of the IEEE standards for wireless networks.

The The product supports the following IEEE What is ad-hoc mode? When a wireless network is set to ad-hoc mode, the wireless-equipped computers are configured to communicate directly with each other, peer-to-peer without the use of an access point.

What is infrastructure mode? When a wireless network is set to infrastructure mode, the wireless network is configured to communicate with a network through a wireless access point.

What is roaming? Roaming is the ability of a portable computer user to communicate continuously while moving freely throughout an area greater than that covered by a single access point.

Before using the roaming function, the computer must make sure that it is the same channel number with the access point of dedicated coverage area.

To achieve true seamless connectivity, the wireless LAN must incorporate a number of different functions. Each node and access point, for example, must always acknowledge receipt of each message.

Each node must maintain contact with the wireless network even when not actually transmitting data. Achieving these functions simultaneously requires a dynamic RF networking technology that links access points and nodes.

First, it evaluates such factors as signal strength and quality, as well as the message load currently being carried by each access point and the distance of each access point to the wired backbone.

Based on that information, the node next selects the right access point and registers its address. Communications between end node and host computer can then be transmitted up and down the backbone.

When a node no longer receives acknowledgment from its original access point, it undertakes a new search. Upon finding a new access point, it then re-registers, and the communication process continues.

The FCC and their counterparts outside of the U. Spectrum in the vicinity of 2. This presents a truly revolutionary opportunity to place convenient high-speed wireless capabilities in the hands of users around the globe.

What is Spread Spectrum? Spread Spectrum technology is a wideband radio frequency technique developed by the military for use in reliable, secure, mission-critical communications systems.

It is designed to trade off bandwidth efficiency for reliability, integrity, and security. In other words, more bandwidth is consumed than in the case of narrowband transmission, but the trade-off produces a signal that is, in effect, louder and thus easier to detect, provided that the receiver knows the parameters of the spread-spectrum signal being broadcast.

If a receiver is not tuned to the right frequency, a spread-spectrum signal looks like background noise.

What is DSSS? What is FHSS? And what are their differences? Frequency-Hopping Spread-Spectrum FHSS uses a narrowband carrier that changes frequency in a pattern that is known to both transmitter and receiver.

Properly synchronized, the net effect is to maintain a single logical channel. To an unintended receiver, FHSS appears to be short-duration impulse noise.

This bit pattern is called a chip or chipping code. The longer the chip, the greater the probability that the original data can be recovered.

Even if one or more bits in the chip are damaged during transmission, statistical techniques embedded in the radio can recover the original data without the need for retransmission.

To an unintended receiver, DSSS appears as low power wideband noise and is rejected ignored by most narrowband receivers.

Will the information be intercepted while it is being transmitted through the air? WLAN features two-fold protection in security. On the hardware side, as with Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology, it has the inherent security feature of scrambling.

What is WEP? What is a MAC Address? The Media Access Control MAC address is a unique number assigned by the manufacturer to any Ethernet networking device, such as a network adapter, that allows the network to identify it at the hardware level.

For all practical purposes, this number is usually permanent. Unlike IP addresses, which can change every time a computer logs onto the network, the MAC address of a device stays the same, making it a valuable identifier for the network.

Press the Reset button on the back panel for about ten seconds. This will reset the Gateway to its default settings.

How do I resolve issues with signal loss? There is no way to know the exact range of your wireless network without testing. Every obstacle placed between the Gateway and a wireless computer will create signal loss.

Lead glass, metal, concrete floors, water and walls will inhibit the signal and reduce range. Start with the Gateway and your wireless computer in the same room and move it away in small increments to determine the maximum range in your environment.

You may also try using different channels, as this may eliminate interference affecting only one channel.

I have excellent signal strength, but I cannot see my network. WEP is probably enabled on the Gateway, but not on your wireless adapter or vice versa.

Verify that the same WEP keys and levels 64 or are being used on all nodes of your wireless network. There are eleven available channels, ranging from 1 to 11, in North America.

If your questions are not addressed here, refer to the Linksys international website, www. The current generation of Linksys products provide several network security features, but they require specific action on your part for implementation.

So, keep the following in mind whenever you are setting up or using your wireless network. Security Precautions The following is a complete list of security precautions to take at least steps 1 through 5 should be followed : 1.

Change the default SSID. Change the default password for the Administrator account. Change the SSID periodically. Use the highest encryption algorithm possible.

Use WPA if it is available. Please note that this may reduce your network performance. NOTE: Some of these security features are available only through the network gateway, router, or access point.

Change the WEP encryption keys periodically. Your network administrator is the only person who can change network settings. So, make it harder for a hacker to get that information.

There are several things to keep in mind about the SSID: 1. Disable Broadcast 2. Make it unique 3. While this option may be more convenient, it allows anyone to log into your wireless network.

This includes hackers. Wireless networking products come with a default SSID set by the factory. Hackers know these defaults and can check these against your network.

Change your SSID to something unique and not something related to your company or the networking products you use. Change your SSID regularly so that any hackers who have gained access to your wireless network will have to start from the beginning in trying to break in.

MAC Addresses. Enable MAC Address filtering. This makes it harder for a hacker to access your network with a random MAC Address.

WEP Encryption. There are several ways that WEP can be maximized: 1. Use the highest level of encryption possible 2. Last, enter a Group Key Renewal period, which instructs the device how often it should change the encryption keys.

These security recommendations should help keep your mind at ease while you are enjoying the most flexible and convenient technology Linksys has to offer.

Windows 98 or Me Instructions 1. Click Start and Run. In the Open field, enter winipcfg. Then press the Enter key or the OK button.

See Figure C Write down the Adapter Address as shown on your computer screen see Figure C This is the MAC address for your Ethernet adapter and is shown in hexadecimal as a series of numbers and letters.

Your computer will show something different. Your computer may show something different. In the Open field, enter cmd. Then press the Enter key.

This appears as a series of numbers and letters. Click the Firmware Upgrade tab. Click the Browse button to find the extracted file, and then double-click it.

Access Point - A device that allows wireless-equipped computers and other devices to communicate with a wired network. Also used to expand the range of a wireless network.

Adapter - A device that adds network functionality to your PC. Ad-hoc - A group of wireless devices communicating directly with each other peer-to-peer without the use of an access point.

Backbone - The part of a network that connects most of the systems and networks together, and handles the most data.

Bandwidth - The transmission capacity of a given device or network. Beacon Interval - Data transmitted on your wireless network that keeps the network synchronized.

Bit - A binary digit. Boot - To start a device and cause it to start executing instructions. Bridge - A device that connects different networks.

Broadband - An always-on, fast Internet connection. Browser - An application program that provides a way to look at and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web.

Buffer - A shared or assigned memory area that is used to support and coordinate different computing and networking activities so one isn't held up by the other.

Daisy Chain - A method used to connect devices in a series, one after the other. Database - A collection of data that is organized so that its contents can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.

Default Gateway - A device that forwards Internet traffic from your local area network. Domain - A specific name for a network of computers.

Download - To receive a file transmitted over a network. DSSS Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum - Frequency transmission with a redundant bit pattern resulting in a lower probability of information being lost in transit.

Many specific authentication methods work within this framework. Encryption - Encoding data transmitted in a network. Ethernet - A networking protocol that specifies how data is placed on and retrieved from a common transmission medium.

Finger - A program that tells you the name associated with an e-mail address. Firewall - A set of related programs located at a network gateway server that protects the resources of a network from users from other networks.

Firmware - The programming code that runs a networking device. Fragmentation -Breaking a packet into smaller units when transmitting over a network medium that cannot support the original size of the packet.

Full Duplex - The ability of a networking device to receive and transmit data simultaneously. Gateway - A device that interconnects networks with different, incompatible communications protocols.

Half Duplex - Data transmission that can occur in two directions over a single line, but only one direction at a time.

Hardware - The physical aspect of computers, telecommunications, and other information technology devices.

Infrastructure - A wireless network that is bridged to a wired network via an access point. IP Internet Protocol - A protocol used to send data over a network.

IP Address - The address used to identify a computer or device on a network. ISM band - Radio bandwidth utilized in wireless transmissions.

LAN - The computers and networking products that make up your local network. Multicasting - Sending data to a group of destinations at once.

Node - A network junction or connection point, typically a computer or work station. OFDM Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing - Frequency transmission that separates the data stream into a number of lower-speed data streams, which are then transmitted in parallel to prevent information from being lost in transit.

Packet - A unit of data sent over a network. Passphrase - Used much like a password, a passphrase simplifies the WEP encryption process by automatically generating the WEP encryption keys for Linksys products.

PEAP Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol - A mutual authentication method that uses a combination of digital certificates and another system, such as passwords.

Port - The connection point on a computer or networking device used for plugging in cables or adapters. Power over Ethernet PoE - A technology enabling an Ethernet network cable to deliver both data and power.

PPPoE Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet - A type of broadband connection that provides authentication username and password in addition to data transport.

This protocol is also used as a type of broadband connection in Europe. Preamble - Part of the wireless signal that synchronizes network traffic.

Roaming - The ability to take a wireless device from one access point's range to another without losing the connection. Router - A networking device that connects multiple networks together.

Server - Any computer whose function in a network is to provide user access to files, printing, communications, and other services.

Software - Instructions for the computer. SPI Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall - A technology that inspects incoming packets of information before allowing them to enter the network.

Static IP Address - A fixed address assigned to a computer or device that is connected to a network. Static Routing - Forwarding data in a network via a fixed path.

Subnet Mask - An address code that determines the size of the network. Switch - 1. A data switch that connects computing devices to host computers, allowing a large number of devices to share a limited number of ports.

A device for making, breaking, or changing the connections in an electrical circuit. TCP Transmission Control Protocol - A network protocol for transmitting data that requires acknowledgement from the recipient of data sent.

Throughput - The amount of data moved successfully from one node to another in a given time period. TKIP Temporal Key Integrity Protocol - a wireless encryption protocol that provides dynamic encryption keys for each packet transmitted.

Topology - The physical layout of a network. TX Rate - Transmission Rate. UDP User Datagram Protocol - A network protocol for transmitting data that does not require acknowledgement from the recipient of the data that is sent.

Upgrade - To replace existing software or firmware with a newer version. Upload - To transmit a file over a network. WEP Wired Equivalent Privacy - A method of encrypting network data transmitted on a wireless network for greater security.

Visit www. Then select your product. Draadloze verbindingen voor buitengebruik en met een reikwijdte van meer dan meter dienen aangemeld te worden bij het Belgisch Instituut voor postdiensten en telecommunicatie BIPT.

Product Usage Restrictions This product is designed for indoor usage only. Outdoor usage is not recommended. Any modification or alteration to the product shall void the warranty see the Warranty Information appendix in this User Guide.

However, some applications may require the antenna s to be separated from the product and installed remotely from the device by using extension cables.

Both of these cables are 9 meters long and have a cable loss attenuation of 5 dB. Combinations of extension cables and antennas resulting in a radiated power level exceeding mW EIRP are illegal.

Proceed to the appropriate section for your device. Note: The power output setting may not be available on all wireless products.

Maximum power output on each adapter does not exceed 20 dBm mW ; it is generally 18 dBm 64 mW or below. Open the Wireless Network Connection window.

Select the General tab, and click the Configure button. In the Properties window, click the Advanced tab.

Select Power Output. Windows 1. Open the Control Panel. Select your current wireless connection, and select Properties. From the Properties screen, click the Configure button.

Click the Advanced tab, and select Power Output. If your computer is running Windows Millennium or 98, then refer to Windows Help for instructions on how to access the advanced settings of a network adapter.

Click the region in which you reside. Click the name of the country in which you reside. Click Products. Click the appropriate product category.

Select a product. Click the type of documentation you want. The document will automatically open in PDF format. Your exclusive remedy and Linksys' entire liability under this warranty will be for Linksys at its option to repair or replace the Product or refund Your purchase price less any rebates.

This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser. If You are requested to return the Product, mark the Return Authorization Number clearly on the outside of the package and include a copy of your original proof of purchase.

You are responsible for shipping defective Products to Linksys. Customers located outside of the United States of America and Canada are responsible for all shipping and handling charges.

Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to You.

This warranty gives You specific legal rights, and You may also have other rights which vary by jurisdiction.

This warranty does not apply if the Product a has been altered, except by Linksys, b has not been installed, operated, repaired, or maintained in accordance with instructions supplied by Linksys, or c has been subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stress, misuse, negligence, or accident.

In addition, due to the continual development of new techniques for intruding upon and attacking networks, Linksys does not warrant that the Product will be free of vulnerability to intrusion or attack.

The foregoing limitations will apply even if any warranty or remedy provided under this Agreement fails of its essential purpose. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to You.

This Warranty is valid and may be processed only in the country of purchase. Please direct all inquiries to: Linksys, P. Box , Irvine, CA Linksys ist eine eingetragene Marke bzw.

Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Andere Handelsmarken und Produktnamen sind Marken bzw. Wie schafft das Gateway das? Und was genau bedeutet das?

Somit wird der private Charakter Ihres Netzwerks bewahrt. Server-Computern oder Druckservern, verwendet. Computer bzw.

IP-Adresskonflikte, auf. Schalten Sie einen Computer ein, der mit dem Gateway verbunden ist. In diesem Kapitel werden alle Webseiten des Dienstprogramms und deren Hauptfunktionen beschrieben.

Der Standardbenutzername und das Standardpasswort des Gateways lauten admin. Daraufhin wird ein Anmeldefenster angezeigt. Wenn Ihre Internetverbindung wegen Leerlaufs getrennt wurde, kann das Gateway mithilfe der Option Connect on Demand Bei Bedarf verbinden Ihre Verbindung automatisch wiederherstellen, sobald Sie wieder versuchen, auf das Internet zuzugreifen.

Leerlaufzeit die Anzahl der Minuten ein, nach deren Ablauf Ihre Internetverbindung getrennt werden soll. Wenn die Verbindung getrennt wird, stellt das Gateway Ihre Verbindung automatisch wieder her.

Es wird empfohlen, einen Wert zwischen und einzugeben. Der Wert muss mindestens Clients ein, denen eine IP-Adresse zugewiesen werden kann.

Andernfalls lassen Sie dieses Feld leer. Abbildung DynDNS. Behalten Sie andernfalls die Standardeinstellung Disabled Deaktiviert bei.

Geben Sie diese Zahl in das entsprechende Feld ein. Wenn Sie nur Diese Passphrase ist nur mit Wireless-Produkten von Linksys kompatibel und kann nicht mit dem Windows XP-Dienstprogramm zur konfigurationsfreien Verbindung verwendet werden.

Wenn Sie keine Passphrase verwenden, geben Sie manuell einen Wertesatz ein. Wenn die Firewall nicht verwendet werden soll, klicken Sie auf Disable Deaktivieren.

Abbildung Internetzugriff 3. Bestimmen Sie, an welchen Tagen und zu welcher Uhrzeit diese Richtlinie jeweils in Kraft treten soll. Daraufhin wird das Fenster Port Services Anschlussdienste angezeigt.

Bei einigen Internetanwendungen ist keine Weiterleitung erforderlich. Internet-Spiele und Videokonferenzen nutzen kann. Internet-Spiele oder Videokonferenzen, nutzen kann.

Klicken Sie auf Enable Aktivieren , um diese Funktion zu verwenden. Behalten Sie andernfalls die Standardeinstellung Disable Deaktivieren bei.

Der Standardbenutzername und das Standardpasswort sind admin. Internet-Spiele oder Videokonferenzen, konfiguriert werden.

Klicken Sie andernfalls auf Disable Deaktivieren. Andernfalls klicken Sie auf Disable Deaktivieren. Zum Anzeigen dieser Protokolle ist die Logviewer-Software erforderlich.

Diese Software kann kostenlos unter www. Es wird ein neues Fenster angezeigt. Befolgen Sie dann die Anweisungen auf dem Bildschirm.

Befolgen Sie dann die Anweisungen auf dem Bildschirm, um nach der Datei zu suchen. Extrahieren Sie die Datei auf Ihrem Computer. Doppelklicken Sie auf die Firmware-Datei, die Sie heruntergeladen und extrahiert haben.

Ein Warmstart ist mit einem Neustart des Computers vergleichbar, bei dem der Computer nicht physisch ausgeschaltet wird. Wie lege ich eine statische IP-Adresse auf einem Computer fest?

Klicken Sie auf Start, Einstellungen und Systemsteuerung. Doppelklicken Sie auf die Option Netzwerk. Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte Gateway und geben Sie Wenn Sie dazu aufgefordert werden, starten Sie Ihren Computer neu.

Klicken Sie auf Start und Systemsteuerung. Doppelklicken Sie auf das Symbol Netzwerk. Geben Sie in die Eingabeaufforderung den Eintrag ping Die Internet- bzw.

Beispiel: Wenn Ihre Internet- bzw. Geben Sie in die Eingabeaufforderung den Eintrag ping www. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie das richtige Kabel verwenden.

Schalten Sie den Computer und das Gateway aus. Ich kann auf die Setup-Seite des webbasierten Dienstprogramms des Gateways nicht zugreifen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie in der Dokumentation des installierten Servers.

Wenn Sie beispielsweise einen Webserver verwenden, legen Sie den Bereich zwischen 80 und 80 fest. Zum Verwenden von Online-Spielen oder Internetanwendungen ist i.

Dies trifft auch auf die verwendeten Internetanwendungen zu. Sie erhalten Informationen zu den zu verwendenden Anschlussdiensten auf der Website des betreffenden Online-Spiels bzw.

Weder Internetspiele, Internetserver noch Internetanwendungen funktionieren. Ich habe das Passwort vergessen bzw. Geben Sie den Standardbenutzernamen und das Standardpasswort admin ein, und rufen Sie unter Administration Verwaltung die Registerkarte Management Verwaltungsfunktionen auf.

Doppelklicken Sie auf Internetoptionen. Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte Verbindungen. Ihr Land aus. Die Aktualisierung der Firmware ist fehlgeschlagen bzw.

PPPoE ist keine dedizierte oder stets aktive Verbindung. Die Netzstrom-LED leuchtet durchgehend. Starten Sie den Computer, bei dem das Problem aufgetreten ist, erneut.

Beim Versuch, auf das webbasierte Dienstprogramm des Gateways zuzugreifen, wird der Anmeldebildschirm nicht angezeigt.

Klicken Sie auf Datei. Dadurch wird eine Aktualisierung erzwungen und Internet Explorer veranlasst, neue und nicht gespeicherte Websites zu laden.

Klicken Sie auf Internetoptionen. Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte Sicherheit. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Sicherheitsstufe auf Mittel oder niedriger festgelegt ist.

An welcher Stelle im Netzwerk wird das Gateway installiert? Der Internetbenutzer kann nun Dateien an Benutzer hinter dem Gateway senden.

Was muss ich tun? Problem: Bei Version 1. Dieses Problem tritt bei Version 1. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Proxy-Einstellung im Browser deaktiviert ist.

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie unter www. Wie erhalte ich Informationen zu neuen Aktualisierungen der Gateway-Firmware?

Funktioniert das Gateway in einer Macintosh-Umgebung? Netscape Navigator 4. Was kann ich tun? Netscape Navigator oder Internet Explorer, entfernen.

Was bedeutet DMZ-Hosting? Wie kann ich mIRC mit dem Gateway verwenden? Informationen dazu, ob die Anwendung in Netzwerken verwendet werden kann, finden Sie in der Dokumentation der entsprechenden Anwendung.

Was ist der IEEE Mit dem Durch den Was bedeutet Ad-Hoc-Modus? Was bedeutet Infrastrukturmodus? Was ist Roaming?

Vor Verwendung des Roaming muss der Computer auf die gleiche Kanalnummer wie der Access Point des entsprechenden Empfangsbereichs gesetzt werden.

In solchen Systemen sucht der Endknoten des Benutzers nach dem jeweils besten Zugriff auf das System. Wenn ein neuer Access Point gefunden wurde, wird dessen Adresse registriert und die Kommunikation fortgesetzt.

Die Frequenz liegt bei ca. Was bedeutet Bandspreizung? Was ist DSSS? Was ist FHSS? Worin liegt der Unterschied?

Was ist WEP? Wie behebe ich einen Signalverlust? Wenn Ihre Fragen hier nicht beantwortet wurden, finden Sie weitere Informationen auf der internationalen Linksys-Website unter www.

Die aktuellen Produkte von Linksys bieten verschiedene Netzwerksicherheitsfunktionen. Beachten Sie daher Folgendes beim Einrichten bzw.

Verwenden Ihres Wireless-Netzwerks. Access Point. RoboForm, the 1 ranked Password Manager makes your life easier by remembering passwords and logging you into websites automatically.

Bitwarden - Free Password Manager A secure and free password manager for all of your devices. Snap Links Plus Select a number of links with a rectangle and open them in new tabs.

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